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Flying, Family & Fun

We started off April the same we that we ended March: surrounded by family. My husband, the girls and I, all made a week long trip to visit our family, and meet our new baby niece. 
The airplane ride was great, we kept the girls distracted with Paw Patrol and snacks. Even when their ears popped, the only screaming we heard from them, was my eldest yelling “I can’t hear me!” Over and over again until her ears popped back again. 

The trip was very busy, and I am glad that I arranged our schedule with everybody before we got there. We made the best of all of the time we had, which meant a lot of car naps for the girls, and a lot of time visiting and catching up. Everybody had a great time, the girls got spoiled in hugs and kisses, and Easter treats, and my husband and I even got a couple hours together to enjoy a breakfast-date just the two of us.  We were constantly on the go, which didn’t leave for a lot of down time, and we were all exhausted by the time we got home, but it was all well…