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Play Dough Princesses

The girls and I had a productive and fun day today. While Daddy was at work, we watched a movie, reorganized the kitchen, prepped lunches, and did lots of playing.

While I got everybody ready for the day and made some smoothies,  the girls watched Bambi. It had been twenty-some-odd years since I watched that movie, so most of it seemed new to me. My toddler thought Bambi’s mom was lost in the snow, so at least I didn’t have to explain that part to her yet... 

After movie time and a brief dance party, the girls played with some play dough. I was only slightly offended when I realized that I have to beg my daughter to eat food half the time, but when I put play dough in front of her, I have to constantly remind her not to eat it. Maybe I’ll just start puréeing all their food and colouring it with neon colouring... While the two Play Dough Princess’s were busy with their pretend feast, I tidied and reorganized the kitchen. Our counter space is limited, so we don’t have many options when it comes to placement of countertop appliances, however I am happy with the space I created today and really feel that it will serve us well. 

I tested out our newly organized kitchen this afternoon during nap time. My eldest little munchkin helped me prepare a couple work lunches for my husband. We made chickpea pasta salads and taste tested them both before packing them into the fridge. 

Our teething monster was up again extra early today, however she had a good afternoon nap, and I’m hoping this means she is back on schedule - I guess we will find out for sure tomorrow morning! For now, I am ready to take a breather, enjoy a cup of tea and prepare for another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow.



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