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A Big Uh-Oh

Yesterday morning, I was feeling productive. We started the day with a healthy smoothie-bowl breakfast and it was Wall Cleaning day, so the girls and I each grabbed a warm cloth and washed the walls on the main floor. While the girls gave up cleaning with me and were happily playing in the living room, I thought it was a good chance to throw in a load of laundry and soak the cloth diapers in the laundry tub. I turned on the tap, started the dryer, and turned on the washer, then I heard the girls yell, so I ran up stairs.

My youngest has taken a fondness to climbing on furniture lately, so I’m on edge that she’s going to fall off the couch when I’m not looking. I ran upstairs quickly, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that everything was fine, my youngest princess just missed her mommy. We went upstairs and brushed our teeth, got dressed for the day, and had some play time in the playroom upstairs. As I heard the water running through the pipes in the walls, I thought to myself ‘I never realized the washing machine was that loud.’ A couple minutes later, I heard the washer start the spin cycle, but I still heard the water running in the pipes... That’s when I realized I left the tap on in the laundry tub. "Uh-Oh" (Which seems to be my youngest munchkin's favorite thing to say these days)

Thirty minutes later - after bailing water back into the sink it came from - the floor was dry and there was no more remnants of the minor flood I caused (except an entire closet of towels in the washing machine). 

Fortunately, my husband has reorganized our basement recently, so the space was clear and nothing was damaged. I still felt that I should bake some I’m-Sorry-I-Flooded-the-Basement Brownies. So that’s what the girls and I did in the afternoon before nap time. 

Once brownies were baked, dinner was prepped, and baby was down for a nap, I thought I had done enough damage for one day, so I took it easy and mentally prepared for the chaos that we call ‘Bedtime’.


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