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The Schedule Stickler

The past month has been packed full of family fun. With my husband coming home after a long four months, followed by Christmas, New Years and my daughters third birthday (which also fell on her first day of Pre-school), it’s been crazy, eventful, and I can’t even fathom how long this post would be if I went through all the details. What I will do, is say that the last month has been wonderful, the girls and I are so happy to have their Daddy home, and I am nervous for Monday! 

We have all adjusted into our new schedule with my husband home, and even though I have tried to keep the girls on a typical schedule, I know it will be an adjustment for everyone when my husband goes back to work next week. The first week also happens to be full of appointments so we will be busy with lots of running around. This is going to go one of two ways: it will either be so busy that nobody will have time to realize our routine has changed, or it will be chaos. I am hoping for option one. 

I am a stickler when it comes to schedules and I am constantly rewriting a daily schedule to find one that fits best for our family. I do my best to be flexible, but I feel that everybody benefits from having food and sleep around the same time everyday. It really does seem to make the days go much smoother. The kids tend to sleep better when they’ve stayed on schedule, and I feel more organized and less frazzled when I know what the next couple hours are going to look like. I am optimistic that with a solid schedule in place, the next couple weeks will go relatively smoothly. That being said, I will still graciously accept any positive vibes anybody chooses to send our way - because really, me having a schedule in place means diddly-squat to the girls. 

I would love to know: do you have a schedule for your household to follow, or do you just ‘play it by ear’ everyday? 


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