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Wake Up, Get Moving, and Eat your Veggies!

I am not a morning person, I never have been, and probably never will be. I am usually up by 6:30 every morning because that's when my girls get up, and I start my day with a big cup of coffee (even if I don't get the chance to finish it). It generally takes me some time to get moving and get all my bearings together for the day. 

Last night - or I guess it was more like super early this morning -  my toddler woke up at about 3:30, asking for (aka demanding) snacks. I explained to her that it is still night time and when the sun wakes up, then we can have some breakfast muffins. Expecting somebody to wake up around six o'clock, I didn't set an alarm... I woke up to my daughter telling me that the sun was awake, so it's time for muffins. I checked the clock and nearly threw myself out of bed when I realized she started her first day of school today - in twenty minutes... I got her some breakfast, got us dressed, and went to wake up her baby sister, who as it turned out, was already awake, just playing quietly in her crib with her stuffed giraffe. I nursed my youngest while I finished getting my toddler's backpack and shoe situation sorted out, then we were out the door. We made it to class just on time and I even remembered to pack snacks.  

This morning was hectic and absolutely crazy for about fifteen minutes, but once we got out the door and our day started, everything calmed down and we actually had a very productive and quite lovely day.  My daughter didn't want to go to school at first, but once she got there, she gladly went with one of the teachers and only turned back once before going to play. This class is two hours, so it was just enough time for my youngest princess and I to go pick up groceries, fill up on gas, and take the car through a car wash before picking up my toddler. I wish I had recorded my daughter's face when we were in the car wash, she was very concerned about all the bubbles and noise.

After lunch and naptime, we all made some cookies and then my toddler painted while my youngest bounced in her Jolly Jumper. The cookies we made were full of healthy goodness like hemp hearts, flax, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds. We added a drizzle of honey, as per my toddler's suggestion, and a couple handfuls of raisins for sweetness.  The cookies were delicious and I have no problem letting my daughter eat them for treats because they are so healthy!  

I love to bake, and my toddler loves to help. While chatting with my husband the other day, it occurred to me that I post a lot of recipes for sweet treats. This is because I love to bake! I would like to clear the air and explain that I also eat a well balanced diet, and as much as I love to eat all my sweet treats, I also love to gift my baking. It makes me happy to share food with neighbors and put a smile on a friend's face, I also feel that it's a great lesson in sharing to teach my daughters. 

I am pretty conscious of my health, and while my fitness game has been thrown off lately thanks to my back, I am still conscious of the foods I am putting in my body. I recently changed our diet to a plant-based diet, and while for me that does include some healthy home-baked treats, I also eat plenty of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and have a fridge full of organic fruits and veggies. Today we had a rushed breakfast of oatmeal apple muffins, and made healthy cookies to snack on in the afternoon, but we also had bell peppers, with black beans and kale for lunch, and pears and bananas for snacks, and for dinner we had barley, broccoli, and quinoa, with nutritional yeast 'cheese' sauce, and this evening I made some roasted chickpeas to snack on for tomorrow.  I am a firm believer that eating healthy doesn't mean depriving yourself of the things you love, rather, eating a balanced diet, with delicious, healthy food.  So if you follow along and try all my dessert and snack recipes, for crying out loud, eat your veggies!

Now that I've got that off my chest, I am ready for bed. I had a productive evening cleaning the house after getting the girls to sleep, so I am ready to call it a night. I need some rest so I can be prepared for another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow. 

Good night. 


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