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Pumpkins and a Pup Mission

It's been a while since I have written a blog post. I have been busy, lazy, and just needed to take some time to regroup and get back to 'me'.

My husband came home for a quick visit this past weekend and we had a great time together as a family. We took the girls to our annual trip to the fall festival which was cold, but we had lots of fun and my eldest decorated her pumpkin (which even a week later she is excited to show off to anybody who will look at it). 

It was hard dropping off my husband at the airport again. I miss him, and it's tough, but I know when he will be back - my daughter's have a tougher time because they don't have a solid concept of time. We told them that Daddy will be back before Santa get's here, and somehow a story developed that my husband is at work looking for Paw Patrol... So, we have some miniature Paw Patrol figurines in the glove compartment of the car now, so that my husband stays true to his word and when we pick him up from the airport, he will be able to give the girls the pups he has been so hard at work looking for. Every time we video chat now, my toddler asks her dad if he is still looking for Marshall, and Chase, and Skye, and all of the rest of the characters, listed by name. 

I really try to keep the girls busy so they aren't sad about Daddy being away. We acknowledge his absence every morning when we update our countdown, and we talk to him every night at dinner, and in between I try and keep them busy. Today, I had a friend and her daughter over for coffee and a play date. I tried to put my girls for a nap after they left, but they were having none of that, so I packed up our things and we went to the doctor to address a bump on my daughters tummy (it's fine, she is getting antibiotics because it's infected, but she is otherwise in good health). They girls almost fell asleep in the car on the way there, but we parked just as they were starting to nod off. We were out and about for nearly two hours, when they both fell asleep in the car not five minutes before I pulled into the driveway on the way home. I sat in the car for twenty minutes while they napped, before deciding to bite the bullet and bring them inside, because I needed to start dinner (Kale and Basil Pesto Pasta).

I must have really pooped them out today, because after I carried the girls inside, my toddler curled up on the couch with a blanket and fell asleep again. This never happens. In fact, I can't remember a time she has ever fallen asleep so soundly. My youngest daughter was playing in the living room, making noise, and even pulling at her blanket, and my toddler didn't flinch. I went to carry her to her bedroom up the stairs and that's when she woke up. She was not impressed that I was trying to put her to bed, so we came downstairs and had a pre-dinner snack before she had a meltdown of epic proportions, and then fell asleep on the couch again. She only got up when she heard her Daddy on video chat asking her about the stickers she got at the doctors, at which time she came to join us in the dining room for dinner and to show off her stickers. 

Bedtime was a bit later than usual because of this extra late afternoon nap, but when my toddler heard her baby sister cry, she asked my to go check on her but to "shh" and "be sneaky like a mouse". Then she said she was going to blow in my ear, and followed through, which I can only assume is because when I shush her, I often lean in close and shush her next to her ear. I think I will be shushing her from a distance from now on... Her telling me to be sneaky and quiet so I didn't wake the baby, turned into a bedtime laughing fit for both of us. It took a while for the girls to both finally settle back down and get to sleep, but they are down for the night now.

I have the kettle on, and am waiting to make a cup of tea now. I am excited to put my feet up and relax before taking on another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow.



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