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Double Trouble

I officially have two toddlers. My baby took her first steps last month, but had been opting to crawl everywhere and only walk a couple steps every now and then. That is, up until this week. These past couple of days, my little baby has been walking everywhere around the house. So much so, that I have mistaken her for her big sister when I caught a glimpse of her in my peripherals, coming around the corner on several occasions. My babies are growing up, and while they will always be my babies, the reality is, I have two toddlers. 

At first thought, having two toddlers almost sounds scarier than having two babies under two years old (which was the case when my youngest was born), however, my oldest munchkin is almost three now, and is a big help (when she wants to be), and while she is full of beans half the time and bouncing off the walls, she can communicate well with me and explain what she wants, which is half the battle. That being said, my youngest munchkin can understand our language pretty well, she understands single commands like "say hi" or "blow a kiss" and she knows how to say a couple words like mommy, daddy, doggy, banana, hi, and even her sister's name. So with one daughter being well spoken, and the other wanting to be just like her big sister, and having a pretty good understanding of what's going on, means the two of the girls can team up and work together to get into trouble...

It also means that they can team up and work together to play. The other day, they were both playing animal doctor, and setting up their toys to check them with the doctor kit. My eldest made sure her sister had doctor tools and a stuffed animal to play with so they could both play together. That was all fun and games until she decided that the stuffed animals needed to go inside the doctors kit, and took the patient away from her sister in order to cram it into a plastic case. That ending to the game didn't go so well...

While they are both toddlers and both learning how to share and play together fairly, I am often surprised at their ability to problem solve (and at my youngest daughters willingness to share her food). If her little sister has something she wants, my eldest - not always, but often -  says "please" and then replaces the toy she takes, with another toy that her little sister can play with.  Teething crackers are also a hot commodity here, and anytime my youngest has one, my eldest needs one too. I have often seen my eldest ask her sister for a cracker, who almost always hands one over, at which time, my eldest daughter will break it in half so they can share. I watch them fight over different colored markers, but when it comes down to it, they are pretty happy to share with one another, they just need a little coaching every now and then. And then there are some moments that really make me melt, like when they just wrap their arms around one another and hug each other. This is often accompanied by the oldest saying "I yuv you" over and over again, which I am fairly certain is the sweetest thing ever.

So while having two toddlers sounds like it could be one of the scariest chapters as a mom, I am confident that it will be one of the best, filled with so much innocent laughter, sisterly love, and just enough trouble-making to keep me on my toes. I am going into this next chapter, prepared for double the toddler temper tantrums, and double the laughs and hugs.

For now, I am going to enjoy some of this peace and quiet with a cup of tea, while I prepare myself for another crazy, wonderful, toddler-fun-filled day tomorrow.



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