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Chickpeas and Autumn Leaves

Today was my first day ever using dried chickpeas. It wasn't until recently that I actually found out that you could get dried chickpeas - I just always assumed that canned was the only option. I reorganized our family's grocery budget this month, and while doing so, decided to opt for dried beans and chick peas this time around. This saved a couple dollars, and will be slightly healthier, and as an added bonus, it was also a couple pounds lighter to carry into the house. 

I have made hummus more times than I can count, but today was my first time using dried chickpeas. I used split chickpeas, and let them soak all day. Once I got the girls to bed, I boiled the chickpeas with some garlic powder and dried onions. I drained out most of the water, and added lemon juice, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, then used my immersion blender to blend it all up before putting it in the fridge. I took a taste test, and it was a success. It took a few hours of patiently waiting for the chickpeas to soak, but the actual process of making the hummus wasn't any longer than usual, and tastes great!

I took the girls for a nature walk today, which didn't last too long because the swarms of bugs in the forest was overwhelming and I couldn't deal with swatting them away any longer. When we first got into the paths, my daughter ran to a pile of leaves and starting spinning around and throwing leaves in the air. She really knows how to enjoy the fall season. We came back home and spend the afternoon raking leaves in the front yard. I brought out two rakes, in hopes that my toddler would want to help and burn off some energy. That didn't last long, but while I finished the yard work, my girls played hide and seek together. This consisted of my toddler counting to twenty, then poking her head around the tree to say "Peek-a-boo!" to her little sister. Every couple minutes, one of the two would start wandering off, wanting to play in the garden, or go to the park, so the yard work took about twice as long as it should have, because I had to keep redirecting my children to stay close by.  All in all, we spent a couple hours outside today. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and it felt like autumn in the air. 

A friend of mine dropped off some massive zucchini's this afternoon too, so I have plenty of zucchini's to make zoodles with now - Oodles of Zoodles, if you will... Given the size of these squash, I am have plenty to cook, and lots to add to some baked goods. I am excited to try out a couple new recipes, so stay tuned! I can't mention these giant zucchini's without sharing the photo of the one that looks like a duck. I shared with a few vegan friends, joking that "I don't know how to feel about eating this" which I thought was hilarious, because it's a vegetable... but it looks like a duck. 

On that happy note, I am ready to enjoy my cup of tea while perusing through some zucchini recipes. I am also in need of a good recipe to use my leek in, if anybody has a favorite leek recipe, please share. The kettle is on, my cookbook arsenal is on hand, and I am ready for another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow.



  1. Love the shots of the girls! Sending you my zucchini and chick pea recipes!


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