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A Pumpkin Spice Kind of Day

Happy Friday! I think the kids both knew it was the end of the week because after a decent night's sleep, they both woke up happy and without fuss. Not that the week ever really starts and ends when there is no school or job schedule to abide by. That being said, we tend to do a lot less on the weekends because I'd rather go out in public when it's not chaos... It's hard enough wrangling up a toddler with a baby in tow during the week when it's quiet, let alone doing it all in a crowd of busy people.

After a pleasant morning with the girls, and an easy naptime (they both practically put themselves to bed, which rarely happens). I dropped the kids off at casual care. Drop off is usually hit or miss, often my eldest koala bears onto me and screams until I'm out of sight. Today I got a hug, a kiss, and a 'see you later'. My youngest on the other hand, is just happy wherever her big sister goes, so she has never screamed or cried when I dropped her off - so far. Which is funny, because she always wants to be in my arms when we're at home!

Venturing out on my own for the afternoon is rejuvenating, even if it is just to go pick up groceries. It's like a sense of freedom, being able to take my time and breath for a minute without worrying about somebody eating something they shouldn't have in the first place.
I stopped for a Pumpkin Spice treat at Starbucks only to learn that even if I get it with Almond Milk, a PSL still contains dairy because it has milk product in the syrup they use (and so does caramel drizzle if anybody's keeping track). Needless to say, I was quite taken aback that a lot of the delicious signature drinks are not vegan friendly, and cannot be made so simply by switching the milk to non-dairy... News to me, because up until 'Alex from Starbucks' popped my perfectly happy pumpkin spice bubble, I've just been getting my yummy drinks with Almond Milk and assuming its dairy free!

So anybody want to guess what I picked up from the grocery store today? I'll tell you: Ingredients to make my own pumpkin spice! Which works out perfectly because I am really excited to test out a new 'Pumpkin Spice Cookie' recipe I've been dreaming up...

So after running my errands, I got home and made my Pumpkin Spice blend, and whipped up a vegan-friendly pumpkin spice latte while I prepped dinner. Now I get to relax, and sip on my treat while my trusty vacuum does it's rounds and I wait to get the girls from casual care. Still a couple hours left in the day, but it was pleasant. I got things done, had some quiet time, and after what I'm sure was a busy afternoon at casual care, I think the girls and I will just be taking it easy till dinner.



  1. I'll be over for a psl sometime Soon! -not anonymous it's cara


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