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What a Mess

Today we made a few messes. Some where on purpose, some were accidents, but all of them were cleaned up and contributed to an overall great day.

Mess #1: We have a backyard with dirt, we have dogs, and it rained - I will let you put the rest of that puzzle together yourself. Fortunately we also have baby gates, so the mucky paw mess was confined to the front entrance which made it an easy clean up. 

Mess #2: This morning, instead of baking, I thought a craft would be a fun activity. My youngest tried eating the markers and coffee filters, and ended up going for a nap while my toddler and I made a mess in the dining room. We made water colour circles which is the first part of a craft we will be finishing tomorrow if all goes as planned. We did this with felt pens, coffee filters, and spray bottles. My daughter was in charge of spraying her own works of art, so I am sure you can imagine what our dining table looked like by the end of it... It was basically a colourful  puddle.  I wiped the table, gave my daughter a snack, and then she went and got herself all ready for her nap.

Mess #3: My baby girl woke up, and after having a snack, we decided to play with some toys. In the play area, we pulled out a number of toys before deciding on blocks. We spent the afternoon playing with blocks all over the living room. Once my eldest woke up, she joined us to play for a little while before having a late lunch. This wasn't a huge mess, and mostly just the everyday "toys on the floor" deal, but it was lots of fun, and does bring us to mess #4...

Mess #4: I made an Asian inspired Peanut Noodle Soup for lunch. My toddler looked at the bowl and said "Mmm... Soup! Mmm... Noodles! What. Is. That... A peanut?!" She ate two bowls of soup for lunch, and loved it, but also had to deconstruct it each time, which meant soup broth all over the place. She ate the noodles, ate the spinach, removed all the carrots and peanuts (and kept them organized and separated on the table), drank the broth, and then ate the peanuts and carrots.  People always say things like "you're so lucky your toddler eats so many different foods" but what most people don't realize, is that while my daughter is not very picky about what she eats (she even enjoys some spicy foods), she is pretty particular with the way her foods are served. Many fruits and veggies she will only eat whole, not sliced, and today's soup was a perfect example of this - she loved the soup (even had more for dinner), but she wanted it all separate or not at all.

Mess #5: I went to put my youngest upstairs in her crib for an afternoon nap (which didn't happen). While I was gone, in a matter of seconds, I heard my eldest rummaging around in the pantry downstairs. I called down to her to ask what she was doing, and she responded: "I am baking a cake!"... Oh no you're not! I was expecting the worst when I came flying down the stairs, so I was already mentally prepared for he clean up when I saw the handfuls of flour all over my daughter and the kitchen floor. I think this one takes the cake for today's messes.

These were our 5 big messes of the day. We had lots of fun, made crafts, played games, and everybody when to bed with full tummy's. I have, however, had my limit of cleaning today, and I am now ready to wind down with a cup of tea, and mentally prepare myself for another crazy, wonderful (and hopefully slightly tidier), day tomorrow. 



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