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Weekend, Walking, and Words

I am a hermit. Just kidding, although if it wasn't for my girls and my husband, I would probably stay in the house a lot more than I already do... I guess you could say I am a homebody. Busy places generally stress me out (even more so when I have two little munchkins to keep an eye on).  Given the option, I would much rather go out during the week than on a weekend, when going to any public place feels like walking into a herd of wild animals... Maybe it's just me, but the thought of going shopping on a Saturday makes my heart speed up a little - and it's not because I love shopping. 

This weekend we stayed in. I thought several times about going to the store and picking up 'xyz' and then just decided to add it to a list and make a trip on Monday. The last couple days at home had it's quiet moments and it's crazy moments, and a couple big moments for my youngest daughter who stood up completed unassisted, and took a few steps before sitting down. She took her first unassisted steps a couple weeks ago, but hasn't tried a whole lot since, and when she did, she would pull herself up, and then fall into me after taking a couple steps. These steps today were much more confident, and completely on her own without using something to pull herself up, she stood up in the middle of the living room, took three steps, and sat back down slowly and with purpose. This happened a couple times, and each time was so spontaneous that I didn't get a chance to take a video, but she is clearly becoming more confident and I am excited (and nervous) to watch her walking around with her big sister soon. 

Speaking of her big sister, my eldest munchkin is constantly surprising me with her language development and how well she can put complete thoughts and sentences together. When she gets excited, she will often stutter and add extra syllables where they don't belong, so we have been working on slowing down and teaching her to think about what she wants to say first. I have learned that many words I thought she didn't know how to pronounce properly, were the right words, just with added syllables caused by excitement - when she slows down, it is very impressive how well spoken she is for a two year old!

We had a few fun activities this weekend, with paints and popsicle sticks, and this afternoon we spent some time outside playing in the garden, which is mostly just a giant box full of dirt now that our growing season is pretty well done.  My eldest was happy to pick the last of our tomatoes - she ate the ripe ones, and gave the green tomatoes to our German Shepard, Gotti, who wasn't all to impressed. The tomatoes that weren't chomped on by the dogs, made it inside to sit on the counter until I can decide what to do with them. I am open to hear about anybody's awesome green tomato recipes!

Snack time today, was fun for everyone. I set up a Chia Pudding bar, with little containers of fruit and seeds, so my toddler could make her own snack. She was pretty excited to see all the little cups of fruit and had even more fun picking them out one by one to put in her pudding, until she just wound up dumping them all in. After stirring it all up, she decided she didn't want the blueberries, so that was a fun activity for me - I got to go hunting for blueberries. Yes, I could have let her pick them out herself, but by offering to help, we avoided a massive meltdown, a waste of pudding, and a huge mess - I like to think I am pretty good at picking my battles. Once I picked out all the blueberries (with the exception of one sneaky one that we later found at the bottom), she enjoyed eating her bowl of pudding, and I enjoyed seeing her eat all that healthy food! My youngest even ate half a bowl of chia pudding too! Snacks today, were a success - dinner on the other hand... I enjoyed but of all the veggies in our curry, but my eldest only wanted the mushrooms, and my youngest only wanted the chickpeas, so they shared and traded for their favorites, which was fine by me - everybody ate, and went to bed with full tummies. 

The girls are now asleep, and with the exception of a load of laundry that keeps giving me an error and won't finish it's cycle, my chores are done. I am ready to relax, and - once I sort out this washing machine problem - put my feet up, and enjoy a cup of tea while I mentally prepare myself for another crazy, wonderful week.



  1. OMG Fried green tomatoes, a little S and P and garlic all good!


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