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Positive Affirmations

I can't remember the last time my toddler slept in longer than me. Typically, I wake up in the morning to her yelling "Mommy! Wake up!" or the other day when she yelled in a very surprised sort of way, "Mom!... I woke up again!" which made it hard not to snicker to myself as I rolled out of bed. I am so happy you woke up again dear, but I can't help but you dozed off to sleep last night, what were you expecting to happen this morning? Of course I didn't say this out loud, rather, I started the day with a very enthusiastic "Woohoo! Great job!" - because at that moment, I felt that if everybody started the day so impressed with themselves for simply starting the day, it would be hard not to have a great day. Maybe something to think about including in your day as a positive affirmation of sorts: Congratulate yourself every morning.

As I was saying, I can't remember the last time my toddler slept in... until today. I had a quiet morning enjoying some one-on-one time with my youngest daughter, while her big sister was sleeping soundly. One-on-one moments don't happen often with either child, and usually last all of a few minutes before the other sister makes an appearance. This morning on the other hand, I got to sit down and eat O's for breakfast with my littlest munchkin, who was full of smiles and giggles. We had a solid game of peek-a-boo, and enjoyed each other's company for about an hour before her big sister woke up and told me she needed lotion... for her mouth. 

Just for the record, I did not give my daughter lotion as she requested, though was quite impressed she made the connection that dry skin gets fixed with lotion, so a dry throat might get fixed with lotion too. I was sure to let her know that tea and soup would taste much better, and so we made some 'tea' (hot water, lemon and honey) to sooth her throat, and homemade veggie noodle soup...Which in my opinion, did taste much better than lotion, and my daughters both seemed to enjoy the soup too - so I call that a meal success. 

By the afternoon, everybody was in great spirits. My couch potato woke up from her nap ready to rock, and the three of us girls had a Disney soundtrack dance party - which I think they enjoyed almost as much as me. Once everybody was song and danced out, the girls played quietly together while I tidied up the play area and rotated out some toys. I love toy rotations because it keeps our living room relatively free from toy clutter, and it keeps the girls engaged with actually playing with and enjoying their toys, rather then getting bored with what they have because they see it every single day.  

So, after a busy day of soothing a sore throat and burning off a weekends worth of energy with a dance party, both of the girls went to bed without much fuss (with the exception of having to reorganize the bedding layout on my toddlers bed, so she could face her window).  Now I am enjoying my cup of tea while hunkered down on the couch with my laptop, getting mentally prepared for another wonderful, crazy week ahead, and making a mental note to start the day tomorrow with a 'congratulations' of sorts - it's worth a try, maybe my daughter is on to something here with her positive affirmations... "Yes! I did it! I made the coffee in record time." and "Woohoo! Everybody ate all of their breakfast." are two statements I am planning to start with tomorrow - that sounds like the start of a successful day.



  1. Love your positive perspective! Sorry I missed the dance party :(

    1. Thanks!
      Not to worry, there will always be plenty more dance parties!


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