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Phone Calls and Music Parties

Today was my first day of going 'unplugged'. This meant putting my phone away, and only taking it out when I had to make a phone call, or to snap a couple quick photos. It was wonderful. We had so much fun, and got so much done around the house, and even made a lot of yummy food, which I'm sure will keep us going for a week (I think I'll be freezing some so we don't get too bored of vegan shepherds pie.)

Being phone-free for the day, meant my daughter wasn't constantly trying to sneak my phone out of my pocket to take photos or play games. She did however spend a fair bit of time using her plastic toy phone, pretending to talk to Daddy. It was really sweet listening to her conversation, and made my heart melt. This girl sure loves her dad, and I know will be so excited to give him a big hug when he finally gets home. 

While I played blocks with my youngest little munchkin, my toddler built a puzzle all by herself. When she was done, she tore it apart and started all over. I was so proud of how well she did without any help. She got stuck a couple times, and all I said was "slow down, you can do it. Just look for the other *insert zoo animal here*". She found the matching animals, and would say "I did it!" and then continue on with the rest of the puzzle. 

Before we all sat down for an early dinner, we had a music party in the living room. My eldest was on the "trumpet" (which is what she calls her wooden whistle), my youngest had the "drums" (which was actually a Frisbee), and I had the tambourine (which was actually a tambourine). We sang, and danced, and made up music to songs. It's a good thing the weather is cool and the windows were all closed, because I don't think my neighbors would have appreciated the 'music' as much as we did.

It was a great day, and I am glad I made the decision to 'unplug' today and put the phone away. I plan on doing the same again tomorrow, and I can't wait for another crazy, wonderful, unplugged day; but for now, my tea is ready, and the couch is waiting.



  1. A few weeks ago I put an app blocker on my phone because I found that I checked my it every time it dinged. (emails, calls, texts, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc) Even if I just glanced at it and decided it wasnt important I was still with my phone more than I wanted to be. Also, in the evenings I would occasionally 'get lost' in my social media and look up 45 minutes minutes later as if from a fog. Using the app blocker means I only get a notification if I get a text or a call and I get so few of them it rarely disturbs our day. It also means that after 7:30 PM my phone reminds me that I need to put my phone down and relax unplugged. It has made a huge difference in our days, I feel more present and Theo isnt asking to watch Daniel Tiger as much.

    1. This is awesome - I was wondering if there was such a tool as that 'app blocker'! I went through every one of my app notification settings and turned them off so only know if somebody calls me or texts me now. I get what you mean about looking up from your phone like you've been in a fog. It's so easy to lose track of time. That's a great idea to have a reminder to put the phone down during your relax time too!


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