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I spent today fighting off monsters. My toddler's imagination is getting to be pretty impressive, and today, she was insistent on the fact that there were monsters pretty much everywhere in the house. During the day, she would run from room to room saying "Ahh! Monster! Look, over there!". I did my best to assure her that monsters were only imaginary, and that I would spray the house with Monster Spray just as an extra precaution. So if you're wondering what this mom is doing on a Friday night, I'll be here making a bottle of Monster Repellent Spray. More details on that project to come. 

It's funny; after telling my daughter that monsters are only imaginary, it wasn't long until I had my own run-in with a few real life monsters today too. When I went to let the dogs out this morning, I noticed the garden had a layer of frost already, so I figured that now was a good time to pick my tomatoes and trim the blooms off of my flowers. I left most of my Dahlia's alone because they still look like they may get another few blooms this week, but I trimmed up my hydrangea and a couple of the big dahlia blooms, and I brought them inside. I don't know what I was thinking, I mean, give your head a shake, Alexandra, or at least give the plants a shake before you bring them in your home. I picked off the leaves, and gave the flowers a rinse and a shake into my kitchen sink, and that's when I saw the first one: the biggest earwig I had ever seen. That is not even an exaggeration. This earwig was easily the size of my babies pinky finger - and she has some pretty cute, chubby little fingers. This bug was climbing up the side of my sink, so I had to think fast. I grabbed a pair of scissors and knocked him into the water. Great, now I see two of these massive bugs with huge pinchers swimming around in my sink. There is no way I am, A) putting my hand in the sink to drain the water and risking them pinching me, or 2) risking them climbing back up the sink drain later on when I'm not expecting it. With the scissors in hand, I knew what I had to do ... Once the monster sized earwigs were dealt with, I cautiously cleaned and dried the rest of the flowers, and as I was picking them up to bring downstairs, I noticed a spider climbing up my kitchen wall. It wasn't super big, but it was white and red and not a creature I would want to be surprised by if I wasn't already on guard. I acted quickly and squashed the spider without hesitation. This was pretty impressive for me because it usually takes me the better part of an hour to work up the courage to get close enough to a spider to even think about squishing it (to give you some perspective on my fear, I have a designated spider squisher at the end of a broomstick and most of the time that's not even far enough for me). 

After clearing the house of monsters, I got a phone call from my husband for a quick chat and to say 'hi' to the girls before he had to go back to work. He got the complete run down of how I slayed these monsters and then got a quick 'Hi Daddy, I love you' from our eldest before he had to get back to it. I thought after all of the morning monster commotion, a tasty treat was in order, so my eldest pushed her chair into the kitchen to "cook like grandma" (Just for reference: Grandma was the first one to introduce a chair in the kitchen to help at the counter. Now every time my daughter wants to help me in the kitchen, we are 'cooking' like when she was at Grandma's house.) We improvised a recipe for peanut butter snack bites, which has 0 processed sugar (just 1/4 cup honey for sweetener), and lots of seeds, nuts and oats. I posted the recipe here.

The girls didn't really nap today - probably because all of these monsters -  so we had a fun, lazy afternoon at home. We played all sorts of games, and I even caught the girls having a sister moment, where they held hands and just sat and smiled at each other. We made a couple of drums from coffee cans, and had a music party for a portion of the afternoon, and my eldest even counted to 29 (with only a little help). Before I started dinner (which was basically a whole wheat pita with chickpeas, spinach, and black bean salsa), I taped down one of the hot air register vents - I don't actually know what these things are called - because my youngest little munchkin has been pulling it off the floor and inspecting the dark hole beneath it, at every chance she gets. 

After getting the girls ready for bed, and inspecting the entire top floor of the house for monsters, my girls finally went to sleep for the night. I currently have the kettle on for my cup of tea, and I am ready to do some stretching and start contemplating how I am going to make this Monster Repellent Spray... And as always, I am looking forwards to another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow. 



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