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Imaginary Forest Friends

Something big happened today. My eldest daughter just started cleaning up after herself. It started at lunch, when she finished eating like a bunny rabbit (she had black beans and bowl of spinach without dressing, as per her request), and when she was done, she got up from the table and brought her bowl into the kitchen, then went to go play. I was so impressed! Then, at dinner, she said "Please excuse me from the table. Thank you for dinner!" and then walked her bowl into the kitchen. Then, after dinner, I said "Okay, let's put the toys away in the basket." and she said to her sister, "Okay baby, clean up now!" and started singing the clean up song while putting all the toys away. I don't know what happened today, if she woke up on the right side of the bed, or if being persistent every other day has just finally paid off, but I am so impressed. I am really hoping this sticks...

Speaking of big changes in my eldest's behavior, I am noticing more and more how big my daughters imagination is. We had a beautiful fall day here today, so I couldn't resist going for a walk this afternoon. Once the girls both woke up from their naps and I got them both fed and dressed, we ventured off to the walking trails by our house. We didn't make it very far along the trails, but we did stop to enjoy nature. My daughter stopped and watched a stick on the path for the better part of a minute and when I went to pick it up, she yelled "Don't touch the snake!" so we watched the 'snake' for a little bit until she too realized it was just a stick, and then we moved on. When we got to a part of the path that was close to the highway, we heard the rumble of traffic which apparently sounds lot like dinosaurs, and we all had to stop so my toddler could scare away the dinosaurs with her roar.  We carried on for a while longer, looking at leaves and rocks, and searching for a fox that we never did see. On the way home, my eldest pushed the stroller nearly the entire way back down the path while I guided it to stay on the trail. My youngest really enjoyed it once she started picking up speed, and I was hopeful that it would burn off any excess toddler energy before we got home.  Once she was tired, she hopped on the back seat and leaned over to chat with her baby sister the rest of the way home. 

I had the squash in the toaster oven for a good 30 minutes when we got home, before I realized that it wasn't even plugged in. Needless to day, dinner was a little later than usual, but everybody seemed to enjoy it once it finally got to the table. So far, this recipe for Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash, is the only way my toddler will willingly eat quinoa. We got to chat with my husband on FaceTime while we ate, which meant that he also got to see the big event of today (my toddler putting her dishes on the counter and asking to be excused). I am glad that even being away from home, he was able to be there for a positive moment like that, and not just the chaos that sitting down for dinner often is.

Monster spray was definitely a 'Mom - Win' tonight. After I got my girls to bed, I was called in to be informed of the monsters. So I armed myself with the Monster Spray and had my toddler tell me where the monsters were. Once I cleared the room, and made sure the bed was monster-free, my daughter got back to bed without issue. She did wake up once more, so I gave the bed an extra spritz of monster spray just to be safe, and left the light on before I tucked her back in to bed.

I am currently curled up on the couch with my laptop and some veggie protein crisps, waiting for my water to boil. I am ready to wind down, and enjoy my cup of tea in silence, before I prepare myself for another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow. 



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