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Dioxins - What Are They & Why Should You Care?

Dioxins are harmful chemicals that are found in the environment from natural and man made occurrences. While they are pretty much everywhere, Dioxins have been found to accumulate in animal fat. 

As humans, we come into contact with some level of dioxins everyday, however approximately 90% of our intake of dioxins comes from meat, poultry, fish and dairy. 

TCDD aka dioxin, has been shown to cause all sorts of health problems, such as developmental or reproductive problems and even cancer. This known carcinogen has an average half life of 7 - 11 years, and accumulates in the food chain. Which means if you consume dioxins, they tend to stick around and accumulate in your own fat tissue for a few years!

Governments and private companies have all made an effort to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint and reducing the production of new dioxins, however dioxins also occur naturally in the environment from events such as forest fires. 

We will never completely eliminate dioxins from the environment, however you can make an effort to reduce your personal intake of dioxins by up to 90%, simply by eliminating meat, poultry, fish and dairy from your diet. 

Eating a vegan diet sounds impossible to some - especially those who have grown up knowing a "balanced diet" to include a good helping of meat or dairy - but at the cost of your health, wouldn't you say it's worth it? 

After plenty of research, I have recently switched my family to a plant based vegan diet, and I encourage you to do your own research to make an educated decision about your health. Visit your government's health website and read more about Dioxins from the World Health Organization's website. I did much of my research from these sources and I learned a lot. 

But WAIT! Before you go off into the world and do your own research, let me ask you this: If you could significantly reduce your intake of a seriously toxic chemical, simply by changing your diet, would you make the conscious effort to eat healthier? 

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