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Click, Collect, and Casual Care

Let's just get this out of the way: grocery shopping with a toddler and a baby is difficult. Yes, some days when I just need to pick up one or two things, I can make it in and out of the grocery store pretty quick and painless, but every once and a while I try doing a full grocery shopping trip with the girls, inside the store, and I usually wind up so distracted with keeping my kids entertained, that I either forget half of what's on my list, I leave before I can finish looking for what I came for, or I spend far too much money because I'm really not paying enough attention to what I'm putting in my cart. I like being able to review my cart before I check out, instead of being surprised by the total after it's already packed away, and then just handing over my credit card. Today on my Facebook Page, I show you my one, simple, wonderful, life-changing, grocery shopping trick that I think every busy mom should do! Check it out here.

After picking up our groceries today, I dropped the girls off at casual care, which was not a painless experience. Neither of them had napped, and once the youngest started to cry, my oldest joined in. The care providers assured me they would be fine, and after I said my see you soon's and I love you's I waited in the hall for a moment to try and listen if the crying to stop. It wasn't long until I got a phone call from the care center, and my immediate thought was they were calling to let me know my baby was inconsolable and needed her mommy. I was wrong. The kind woman called me and said something along the lines of: Alexandra... Do you hear that? That is silence. The girls are happy. Baby is napping. I just wanted you to hear it for yourself, so now you can go and enjoy your afternoon in peace without worrying. This meant the world to me as a mother, knowing that my girls are safe and happy, and that the care takers are genuinely concerned about my entire family, not just the kids in front of them at the time being. Hearing her say that, relieved any guilt for bringing them to casual care for the afternoon while I got some work done.

When I picked up the girls, I watched them quietly for a moment while I got their bags and coats together. They were happy, and playing together with the other kids, which made me feel so proud. The moment they saw me standing at the door though, that has got to be one of the best 'mommy moments': the way their eyes light up and they come running... That doesn't happen everyday at home, so I try and really bask in times like those when they do happen.

Now I am curled up on the couch, with my cup of tea, ready to get some rest and relaxation before bed. I am glad it is getting darker sooner - it really feels like the "get warm and cozy" season is upon us; and with the sun going down earlier, it may even mean that when I say it's time to sleep, I won't hear "I can't... The sky's awake, so I'm awake" as a response - which actually happened tonight. I have to admit, it was pretty cute to hear my two year old quote a Disney movie in proper context, but the sun starting to go down at bedtime again will be a welcome change as I'm sure it will be helpful for the kids bedtime routines.  For now, I am just looking forward to another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow.



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