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Cleaning, Cake, and Teething Monsters

After my laundromat experience this week, I decided that I would wash our laundry by hand until our machine gets fixed - hopefully sooner than later - for a number of reasons, including the fact that the laundromat is expensive, it smells like bleach, and I don't want to wait an entire week to wear the same shirt again, or maybe I'm just crazy and want to give myself more work to do, who knows.  I have been keeping up with laundry as it accumulates, so I am only at the sink to wash a couple items at a time. I even opted to try out the cloth diapers this week, which has been going great! I am pleasantly surprised at how incredibly absorbent they are, and equally as pleased with how cute they look. I have been using cloth wipes for a little while now, so it's not a lot more work to wash a diaper after each change as well; at least in the meantime while the washer is broken, this is the easiest way to stay on top of the laundry.

I tried running a load of laundry in the washer again today, in hopes that it magically fixed itself. It didn't. I did however, take the portable dishwasher for a spin today to make things a bit easier. I don't use it often because it does leak, but at least it works and I have one modern day appliance to make cleaning a bit more convenient while the washer is out of commission. Speaking of convenience, I used the crock pot to make a delicious black bean soup yesterday which was a big hit with both of the girls; and  because I made the soup in the crock pot in the morning, I had time in the afternoon to get some baking done too. It's my youngest's first birthday this weekend, so I made a couple cupcakes, and I also baked a cake (which we will be saving for the weekend my husband is home).  It was actually a bit more challenging than I thought to find a recipe for vegan cake, so I wound up making my own recipe for chocolate vegan cake, using the ingredients I already had at home. The cake turned out delicious, and even though I didn't get the coconut cream to whip up like I initially planned, I made a yummy vegan friendly 'buttercream' style icing instead, which turned out great.

The girls and I stayed busy at home today while we waited for the delivery drivers to come pick up our broken dining table. This morning, we all colored with magic markers - which is a life saver when coloring with little ones: no mess! My littlest munckin has been teething up a storm, so most of the day was spent consoling her and finding new toys for her to munch on. I pulled out her infant bouncy chair from the basement, and she spent most of the day going between me holding her, the bouncy chair, and the jolly jumper. Teething is enough work, she hasn't been keen on crawling these last couple days while her hands have been busy trying to soothe her teeth. I did catch a couple moments when she seemed to be distracted from her teeth today though. She spent a good few minutes playing peekaboo with a bucket on her head. She would put the bucket on, then take it off and laugh, and then put it on again, just to take it off right away - her big sister thought this was pretty hilarious too.  We also spent some time playing with building blocks. While we were playing, my toddler randomly got up, and said "I'll play blocks after" and then something about a dentist, then went to go check her teddy bear's heartbeat with her doctor kit. She never did go back to playing blocks, so we had to put them all away before my littlest munchkin tried to climb into the block storage box, again. 

The dining room is now back to normal, without giant boxes taking up space. Laundry is all done, dishes are clean, and I even mopped the floors tonight while I let my toddler watch Cinderella before bed. The girls are both asleep now, and I think I need to make a quick healthy snack before I devour the cake in the freezer by accident. I have a kettle on the stove, my yoga mat waiting for me to do some stretches, and I am ready to relax... Until tomorrow, which I'm sure will be another crazy, wonderful day.



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