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Chaos, Cookies, and Coffee

We have had an interesting couple of days. I don't feel like we have got a whole lot accomplished, but I do feel like we have been a little bit unorganized, which is funny, because last night, both of the girls slept right through the night without stirring even once until morning. Turns out they do better with a crazy schedule than I do...

Let's rewind a little bit here. Earlier this year, we purchased a new dining table. The day it arrived, we were so excited, and then noticed a pretty big defect on the table top. We have a technician come out and deem it 'unfixable', so we scheduled an exchange... Well this happened with the next three tables as well - different defects, but unfixable and had to be returned - which we received in exchanges over a course of about 6 months. We finally decided to pick a different table from a different manufacturer. We paid a little extra for our second option, but it was a lovely table, and I was so excited for it - especially because we had to wait three more months for it to finally arrive. Well, yesterday was the big day. I rearranged our furniture to make room for the table and to give the technician space to assemble it. The delivery drivers showed up an hour late, but these things happen, and the technician showed up minutes later to assemble the table, so I guess the timing worked out in the end. Long story short, the technician went to put the table together and announced to me that the table was toast, and would have to be returned. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. The customer service representative asked me to come in and pick a different style table instead. I let her know that this was our second choice, and our fifth table, so, we are getting a refund and now after nine months of waiting for our 'forever dining table', we are right back at square one. 

During all this table fiasco, the girls had lots of fun playing in the living room. The old dining table made a perfect fort next to the couch, so we had lots of fun crawling around the living room. My youngest also learned how to blow a whistle, which the girls both thought was hilarious. Every time she would whistle, my eldest would laugh - and if you've ever heard my daughter laugh, you'll know that it is contagious and it's hard not to join in with her. 

Being proactive, and trying to avoid an independent baking incident like we experienced from my toddler the other day (we didn't do any baking together so she took matters into her own hands to 'bake a cake' on the kitchen floor), I thought we would bake some cookies. I opened up my Joy of Cooking, and got some inspiration for thumbprint cookies. I altered the recipe to fit in with our new vegan diet, and they turned out delicious. We finished rolling the cookie dough into balls, and getting them ready to go in the oven before naptime, and I finished baking them while the girls slept. Once my girls woke up, the eldest wanted to check inside the oven to see if the cookies were there (which they weren't because they would be ashes if I had left them in that long). When she saw the empty oven, she gasped and asked me "Where'd the cookies go?" I turned the question around and asked her what she thought happened to them. She responded that she thought "the kids came and ate them" when she was napping, and then she waltzed into the living room to play and didn't mention the cookies again... until bedtime. As I was tucking my munchkins into bed, and saying my I love you's, she politely asked me to bake her some more cookies, "but this time, don't let the kids come and eat them". So today, we ate cookies. 

Today was also the day that I had planned to take the girls to an afternoon of casual care. Our morning mostly consisted of yoga, painting, and soothing my littlest princess who is currently teething up a storm. I was all ready to get some quiet time to myself, and was dropping off the girls at casual care when I was informed that one of my daughters was not registered for today - way to burst my quiet-afternoon-bubble. So when my toddler refused to let me leave her there alone, I thought we may as well just reschedule both the girls for another day, together. I wasn't about to give up my quiet afternoon coffee that easily though, so we went for a drive. This was great because it soothed my teething baby to sleep for a short nap which she desperately needed. I went through a drive thru and picked up an almond milk latte, and let my toddler eat her lunch in her car seat as I enjoyed my quiet coffee in the parking lot, taking the short break to mentally prepare myself for a busy afternoon. 

This is my pre-coffee break "I need this coffee" face. 

The girls are now in bed, I am done my chores, and had a nice talk on the phone with my husband. It feels so wonderful to chat to him at the end of the day just as we would when he is home. I feel a million times more relaxed after talking with him - it really helps my sanity to have adult conversations... I have been thinking about switching to cloth diapers for our baby, and among other topics of conversation, he got to be my sounding board for the details on all that cloth diapering entails...

If any of you cloth diaper, I would love to hear your tips and recommendations! 

Now, I am hunkered down on the couch, waiting for my kettle to boil so I can enjoy a cup of tea while I do some more diaper research and then prepare myself for another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow.



  1. I cloth diapered with 2 children, although it was work,I appreciated what I was doing for the environment, it was work! Now that being said, had I been at home I would have cloth diapered the last, had I not gone back to work. too hard to work 30+ hrs per week and figure time to wash diapers! amongst other things! That being said, cloth diapers are work!!!!! I completely understand moms who wish to use disposables. If I had my kids closer than three years I would have been using disposables too, too many diapers!... Third babe was in cloth for only two months and then I discovered Huggies! There was a cost factor too....The outlay for good cloth vs the disposable kind!


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