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Cha Ching, Wash, Repeat

To my recollection, I have only been to a laundromat twice in my life. Once, when my dad took us as kids - which I am now pretty certain was to get caught up on laundry before my mom got back from a business trip - and once today, because my washing machine will not work any more, and I had a pile of laundry that has been steadily growing. I also received my cloth diapers today and was so excited, until I remembered our washing machine was out of commission. I am mentally and physically prepared for the work that comes with using cloth diapers, but not if I have to wash them all by hand... I think we'll be waiting for the washing machine to be repaired before I make the big diaper switch. 

After I brought the girls to casual care today, I spent the afternoon at the laundromat, which was an interesting - and expensive - experience. There are not many laundromats on the map around here, so I picked the closest one I could find, and stopped by the Starbucks drive-thru to pick up a coffee on my way. Get ready, you are about to laugh at me. I don't usually carry cash, so when I went to the coin laundry and asked if I could buy coins with my credit card, I'm pretty certain everybody in the place stopped what they were doing and internally laughed at me. Actually, I caught one woman smirking, who then smiled in such a way that said "this silly girl doesn't know how to do laundry". For the record, I do know how to do laundry, but my only experience with laundromats was as a child, and from watching movies. I just assumed they had tokens to put in the machines, like some arcades or car washes, and quite honestly, I am surprised that this day in age, they don't have machines that accept credit cards, but that's neither here nor there... Fortunately, the woman who worked there, was kind enough to not laugh in my face (though she did look slightly confused by my question), and she let me know that the machines ran on quarters and loonies, not tokens, and that there was a change machine in the corner. I really felt like a millennial in that particular moment, and then again when I had to stand back and read all of the directions step-by-step how to start the old washing machines (which cost $4 - $6 per load!), however when it came to using the fancy new clothes dryer that has a digital screen, I started that laundry machine like a pro. You win some you lose some. 

When I picked up the girls from casual care, they were having so much fun playing in the playground outside. My eldest had made a book called "All About Me" which included her hand print, and some random facts like her favorite toy and her favorite food, which is apparently soup. The book was a great idea, and I love that she got to make something to bring home today. I hope it will be a reminder of how much fun she had, so maybe next time she won't be so worried to go to casual care without me again.

After I got the girls to bed, I got to chat with my husband some more, and it brought up a conversation about my back pain. In hopes that one day it will get better for good, I have committed to being more consistent with my exercises and stretching. I hope that by putting this commitment out there in the 'blogosphere', I will be more inclined to follow through and stay accountable. So here goes: I commit to doing daily exercises, and stretching several times a day. Let's see how that goes... It's hard when you don't get instant gratification, but I know that I have to give it time to heal and do all the right things to help it along the way. I guess carrying two little munchkins up and down stairs probably doesn't help speed up the healing process, but I have a goal, to be pain-free by 2018, so here's to hoping! Off to go stretch and enjoy a cup of tea before bed now. Looking forwards to another crazy, wonderful, laundry-less day tomorrow.



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