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Baking, Veggies, and Baby Dinosaurs

Since my youngest was born, I've been wondering when my daughters will start playing with each other. As it turns out, the answer is: when they can both stand on their own.  My youngest took her first unassisted steps last week, and since then, the girls have been playing so nicely together and enjoying each others company without too much intervention from me. Well, today my worry went from 'when will they play together' to 'what will they get into next'.  I came around the corner to the two of them eating cereal out of the box, and because they both have a history of rummaging through the pantry, I can only assume that they were both in on this Monday morning cereal heist.

Once I sorted out the snack situation and relocated the two cereal snatchers to the table, I browsed around online for a sugar cookie recipe. I don't recall what prompted me to bake sugar cookies today (I think the last time I baked them I was in high school), but I found a recipe from Oh Lady Cakes, that was vegan friendly and looked tempting - so once the kitchen was all tidied up, I was ready to get it messy again. With the chair up at the kitchen counter, my daughter was excited to be "cooking like grandma's house". She mixed all the ingredients, rolled the dough, and helped cut out the cookies, but I think her favorite part was eating the left over cookie dough (which is an added bonus of baking vegan friendly cookies: edible raw cookie dough!). I told her that after her nap, cookies would be all done and ready to eat.

After naptime, my daughter had already forgotten about the cookies, because she was so distracted by all the fresh veggies I had cut up for her snack! She really was so excited, like I just offered her a nomination for a prestigious award. Surprised and smiling with her hands over her mouth, snacks were welcomed with "wow!" and "Mmm, peppers!" before digging in and munching away. I called that a mom-win, because how often can you distract a toddler away from cookies, with vegetables?!

Knowing that realistically, I was going to be the one to scarf down the entire batch of cookies, I thought a long afternoon walk was a good decision. I took the girls out in the gorgeous weather, for a walk in the trails by our home. My littlest munchkin got to cruise in the stroller, while my eldest insisted on walking the whole way. This meant a lot of breaks to stop and listen for the birds,  the squirrels, the grasshoppers, and yes, even baby dinosaurs. Once we got to the middle of the woods, we had to take a dance break to spin around and get dizzy. This made for a wonderfully perfect video of my daughter spinning as the light filtered through the trees. Actually, the beautiful weather, the kids' matching 'princess dresses' and just enjoying ourselves this afternoon, really made for some great photos today.

As I prepped dinner,  the girls played nicely together, and practiced climbing in and out of their wicker basket - which is a new favorite activity for our youngest. She saw her big sister do it once, and now it seems that every time I come around the corner, the toys are on the floor, and the baby is in the basket. With her new passion for climbing, I am sure going to have my hands full once she masters this whole walking thing.

...The little ones are now sleeping, and the chores are all done. I am hunkering down on the couch now with my cup of tea, for some rest and relaxation before I call it a night and prepare to start another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow. 



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