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A Cinderella Day

Phew! What a busy day. What did I do today? Nothing. As I reflect on my day, I feel like I did nothing anyways, but I guess it was a rather productive 'nothing'  sort of day. I always seem to feel like I've done nothing when I don't go anywhere, but these are usually the days when I get more done around the house (with some lazy day exceptions). Today was one of those busy, nothing says: lots of chores around the house, broken up by lots of smiles and giggles from two happy princesses. 

While I was preparing breakfast, the girls emptied out the laundry basket (which was full of clean folded laundry), so they could sit in the basket. I believe I mentioned the other day that sitting in baskets was a new favorite activity, so I really should have known better than to leave them in a room with a basket of laundry. While my toddler helped feed her baby sister breakfast, I stood by and got all the laundry folded again, which was promptly put away this time, once breakfast was done.  The rest of the morning was spent playing with toys and playing princess (which mostly just consists of wearing a Princess Dress and spinning in circles).

I had big plans to go to the grocery store this afternoon and get us all out of the house, but naptime seemed to take longer than usual, and by the time I got the girls downstairs and done their snacks, it was time to think about dinner. While I was contemplating what I wanted to cook today, I saw the pureed pumpkin in the fridge and thought Pumpkin Muffins would be a great healthy treat for the girls (and a good way to make use of the pumpkin). For dinner, I opted for Chickpea and Veggie Coconut Curry, and nearly maced our house in the process of cooking it... I may have momentarily forgot that I was heating the pan on the stove, and by the time I added the oil and spices, it was a wee bit too hot, which resulted in chili infused smoke... Sorry girls. Needless to say, I started over, and we spent the afternoon with all of the windows open... Dinner actually turned out great the second time around, just for the record.

The girls spent the afternoon coloring, molding play dough, and playing with their blocks together, which only resulted in a couple disagreements. These were easily resolved once everybody remembered how much more fun it is when we share. While they played, I baked a few batches of miniature pumpkin muffins, which the girls both enjoyed. I counted this as another "mom win" because they were filled with pumpkin, carrots, flax, and oats! I am posting the recipe here if you'd like to try them for yourself.

As it turned out, my 'nothing' sort of day was really a day full of princesses, pumpkins, and cleaning, so I guess you could say it was more of a Cinderella sort of day, which I like the sounds of much more anyways. So, now that my Cinderella Day is done, I am hunkered down on the couch, with my cup of tea, and looking forward to another crazy, wonderful day tomorrow.



  1. Theo wont touch laundry in a basket but does like to empty my drawers, only mine though I've noticed. LOL. Let's hope when I visit they never team up

    1. Oh I'm sure they will be teaching each other all sorts of new tricks and games!


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