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PreBiotics and ProBiotics - What You Need to Know

When it comes to health, one area that is often overlooked, is our gut health. Taking care of your gut, is imperative to your overall health. 
There is a lot of science behind antioxidants and free radicals in our intestines, but I'll get to that another day. Today, I want to talk about ProBiotics and PreBiotics. 

When people think of bacteria, we often think 'bad' and that bacteria can cause infections and disease. While that can certainly be true, there is also GOOD bacteria. These ProBiotics, help balance our PH in our gut, protect our immune system in our intestines, and assist with processing food. 
According to experts like Dr.Axe, a healthy level of ProBiotics has been linked with a stronger immune system, improved digestion, increased energy, healthier skin, weight loss, and healing from inflammatory bowel disease and Leaky Gut. 
You can get your ProBiotics from supplements like VitalBiome, or foods like yogurt, kefir, and kombucha. 
There is no question that ProB…

Coconut Milk Fudgsicles

These Coconut Milk Fudgsicles are a tasty (and healthy) alternative to store bought popsicles. 

Super easy to make, just mix all the ingredients together and freeze! I made mine in plastic shit glasses to make them small, snack sized popsicles. Here is the recipe for Coconut Milk Fudgsicles:


As a busy mom of two, I know the challenges involved with getting fit. Eating healthy can be difficult enough when you are feeding a family on a budget, and finding time to workout and get to the gym can be near impossible! That's why I designed the 3 Week Fitness Challenge with busy moms in mind.