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Resistance Bands: Why You Should Use Them

Resistance Bands are great pieces of workout equipment that often get overlooked. The first time I was ever formally introduced to resistance training, was in physiotherapy (years before I ever started working out). Recently, I have been reintroduced to using resistance bands (also while in physiotherapy), and I am hooked!

When talking about must have exercise equipment, resistance bands often get swept under the rug (and into physiotherapy offices everywhere). While free weights certainly have their benefits, resistance bands have theirs too! Here is why I have stocked my home gym with a variety of resistance bands:

Cost - Resistance bands are a low cost alternative to buying free weights, and you can often buy a complete set for less than $50. This is similar to the set I use, and it comes complete with ankle weights and a door anchor (in case you don't have a carabiner in your ceiling) - perfect to get started and it's less than $30! This is much more affordable then purchasing an entire rack of free weights which could cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Weight Variety - Resistance bands come in a variety of different strengths, offering resistance anywhere from 2lbs to 200lbs.

Range of Motion - While working out with resistance bands, there is constant resistance on your muscles, which triggers the use of slow twitch and fast twitch muscles, and engages the muscles that are often forgotten with free weights. This helps with building muscle strength and flexibility. It's no wonder resistance bands are a favourite for physiotherapists to recommend to their clients.

Convenience - Resistance Bands are very convenient. They are light weight, and easy to pack away & take on the go. These are a great alternative to free weights that you can take on vacation with you or just throw in your car in case you get hit with a spontaneous urge to exercise while you're out and about. I love resistance bands for at home, they don't take up a ton of room, and I can easily take my workouts to different areas and even bring them outside if the weather is nice.

These are just a few of the reasons you should start using resistance bands in your exercise routine. What are your favorite Resistance Band workouts? Comment Below!

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