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Take care of yourself today, so you can enjoy a healthy tomorrow. Being healthy isn't just exercising when you feel like it, or eating healthy every once and a while. Being healthy is a lifestyle. You will not become healthy overnight - it takes time. Make small changes to your routine and let them become second-nature. It's not just about how you feel today, but how you want to feel for the rest of your life.

5 Minute 'Glutes' Workout

Repeat this 3 times for a quick glute workout:

Get Your Heart Pumping

This solid workout will surely get your heart pumping. You are either going to love this or hate it, but your body will thank you later for this awesome workout!

10 Minute Workout

Looking for a simple 10 minute workout your body will love you for? I've got you covered...

15 Squats 30 Second Plank 20 Second Side Planks 25 Crunches

5 Minute Workout

This 5 minute workout is a great way to get your heart pumping and your muscles working! Repeat this circuit for a more intense workout.

Facebook Ab Workout

Need a good ab workout? Post this on your Facebook timeline and let your friends determine your workout for the day! I was dished out 720 seconds of planks and 145 crunches today. 
Post this to your timeline for an entire day and let me know the results!

5 Minute Workout

Another 5 minute workout to try today!

Involve your Kids

Finding time to get things done around the house can be difficult when you have a baby, let alone finding time to workout! The best way to manage your time, is to adapt to your surroundings, and let your little ones help you! Even my toddler loves working out with me. This goes for all sorts of tasks (not just exercise), kids love helping - it gives them a sense of accomplishment to complete even a simple task like putting away a dish. My toddler loves helping me exercise and sometimes demands that I keep going - she really is a good motivator! My youngest baby just loves when I smile and make faces at her while I hold her up! ...Incorporating your kids into your routine really is a win-win situation!

5 Minute Workout

Try adding this 5 minute workout to your daily routine!

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

The majority of adults have at least one cup of coffee per day. Aside from the morning pick-me-up, and delicious smooth flavors, studies keep showing us that coffee has so many other benefits...

5 Steps to Shrink Your Waistline

Healthy Snack Idea - Chocolate Banana Protein Bites

This recipe was adapted from a recipe for banana oat cookies, and makes a delicious, healthy snack that everybody loves!